This month, we celebrated mothers everywhere in the world! We celebrate their love, their dedication and their existence because all of us have our mothers to thank!

Read to find out what motherhood means to these super mummies! ❤️

1. Calista Volkov

A full-time mother to her 2 boys, she juggles motherhood and career in a manner that most would think is impossible. She attributes her surface success on motherhood to having a reliable partner, her husband of 11 years. They run on a tight schedule and rarely have time for themselves as life revolves around family, kids and work. After returning to the workforce, 2 years after being a stay-at-home mum, Calista realises how much emotioal battles with mum-guilt she had to go through. Going through her instagram posts, you can find her sharing daily snippets of life as a mother and hard-truths of lessons taught in this journey of motherhood. Read about how she dealt with her 3 year old son’s bully and what happened when she met the parent HERE.

SPOTLIGHT : @mummyslittlebb

Motherhood is a journey of learning and accepting. It teaches us about love in a way we never knew existed and shows us how much more there is to life than just ourselves. It is seeing the world all over again through a different perspective. It is the toughest job in the world yet at the same time, the most meaningful and rewarding.
– Calista Volkov (Mummy of 2)

2. Vanessa Tang

Vanessa is a mother, a personal trainer, an e-tailer and an inspiration. Shuffling between training sessions and get-togethers with her mum-squad girl pals, she makes motherhood look good. She was also a contestant in the 2017 Mrs.Universe while 3 months pregnant with her 2nd daughter, Hope. On her instagram, she shares about her favourite products and gives insights to the developement of her 2 cheeky daughters.

SPOTLIGHT : @vannytelly

Motherhood is experiencing love so strongly that it overflows into tears. Motherhood is expecting to teach a new human about life yet learning just as much from them. Motherhood is experiencing childhood all over again. Motherhood is realizing strength you never knew lived inside of you. Motherhood is messy and magical. It brings awareness & allows vulnerability.
– Vanessa Tang (Mummy of 2)

3. Mei Ling Tan

This newly minted mummy is a full-time mother and wife of World Wushu Champion, 3-time SEA Games Gold Medallist and Wushu icon of Singapore, Vincent Ng. She spends her days engaging with her son and taking him out to lunches and playdates with her fellow mummy friends. She is in the process of setting up a fitness group for mothers who would like to get in shape while allowing them to bring their babies along. Despite her busy schedule, she finds time to help in charity projects. Unlike most mothers featured in our spotlight this year, Mei Ling has no instagram account and is not active on social media. 

Motherhood is a full-on commitment bundled with love and joy!”– Mei Ling Tan (Mother of 1)


5. Nadia Lau

Don’t be fooled by her small and petite frame, this super-mummy packs a punch! A stay-at-home mum since the birth of her second child, daughter Davina, Nadia has been taking care of the household and kids without a helper. On top of that, she is often also seen shuttling between countless media events and gatherings with fellow mum-squad pals. Always fashionable and stylish, not many in the motherhood circle realises that she was considered a blog-star from the era of blogspots and pre-plastic surgeried xiaxue. Her content focus changed since entering motherhood and we love scrolling through her instagram!

Motherhood is the hardest and messiest job ever. You’ll never stop learning on the job and there are no off days , breaks or mc. However you’ll get paid in smiles, hugs and kisses. And these to me, are the best type of currency ever.”–Nadia Lau (Mummy of 2)

6. Elaine Woo

Dubbed by her fellow mum-squad girls as #studiowoo, Elaine takes beautiful photos, perfectly capturing the moments of motherhood as she journeys through life with her two boys. A stay-at-home mum, she believes in making the best of every situation. She is often seen attending media events with her younger son in tow and even has a signature boomerang pose! A friendly figure in the circle, she is often a positive engery in the mummy gatherings but cross her, and she will write you off quicker than an onset of a two year old meltdown. 

Motherhood can be difficult, it can be messy, painful and tiring. Motherhood brings you down on your knees and wonder what went wrong … then you look at your family and realize that it’s the BEST thing that ever happened to you.–Elaine Woo (Mummy of 2)


As the month of MAY comes to end, lets remember our mother’s sacrifices, their love and their patience for us. Happy Mother’s Month!