Pregnancy is pretty amazing. You’re creating a living, breathing thing who will probably look like a tiny, chubby, bald version of you and your partner. Plus, you’re going to love this small fry for the rest of his or her life. What could be better? But before you get to snuggle your brand new baby, you’ve got about nine months of quality time with that bump. And while your mother, grandmother, aunts, and friends may have given you amazing advice and some free baby gear (score!), there are a few things they might have left out.

So we asked the mothers around us for advice, truths, and important lessons that they really wish they knew before they got pregnant:

People lied to me and said don’t worry about how much you eat, you’ll lose it straight after birth. Still 30kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight! Lies, all lies, haha!” — Calista Volkov

Do not sneeze in your third trimester or you will pee your pants. Or cough too hard, laugh or bend over too much.” — Kee Weijuan

You lose things. Once I lost my phone and keys, found it the next day in the saucepan, lid on, in the saucepan cupboard.” — Jess Chew

That your tummy actually gets in the way. Of everything. Dont even bother trying to put on socks, buckled shoes or sandals. Flip flops all the way till you baby is out.” — Melissa Chan

Take as many notes and pictures for the memories later. You’ll love going back and seeing the pictures and re-reading all the stories.” — Huiwen Li

I suffered throughout my pregnancy. And during delivery, there were complications and my hospital bills were very high. I have always thought badly of insurance agents and it was during this period where I came to the realization that if I had bought an insurance policy to cover pregnancy complications, I would have had one less thing to worry about and could instead, just concentrate on the baby.” —Adelia Yong

Sleep is something hard to do. In the third trimester, I didnt sleep well and had trouble falling asleep every night. Also could not find a good sleeping position. That did not help, at all.” —Lauren Murdock

Despite all these, we still love the outcome. It was worth it. These 7 mothers speak from experience and if there is one thing to take away from Mummy Adelia’s share, that would be to always have coverage.

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From a mother to mother.