Event held: 29th AUG 2019

It was indeed, an afternoon of fun when you put 20 mums in a room because the conversations they will have, are simply interesting. Of course, the highlight of our afternoon was the official launch of the highly anticipated Cybex Lemo Highchair, a chair for life! (Coined by the mums who attended)

Cybex has always been known to be a brand that is dedicated to creating modern, stylish and long-lasting products to make life easier for parents and children. With an unwavering dedication to contemporary, elegant design, Cybex strive to meet the highest standards for modern living. This is how the LEMO Chair came into being. It fits perfectly into the urban homes of design-minded parents while being optimally geared to the needs of babies and children. Inspired by the timeless design of the iconic Plastic Chair by Charles and Ray Eames, the LEMO Chair is designed to easily and quickly adapt to the changing sizes and needs of a growing child. It practically grows up with your child into adulthood!

Mums were delighted to know that the Lemo only requires 1 hand to adjust and is also extremely sturdy. It has various add-ons to compliment the chair, transforming it into a space for their child as needed, anywhere.

You can also check out what some of the media-mums have to say about the event!

(If you are wondering where you can get your hands on this amazing chair, head over to a mothercare store now or simply click here to cart out right now!)

A whole afternoon of kids, so mum’s would have needed to keep up right? Well, worry not because hightea was served with a pack of @Haoyikang chicken essence!

Haru Plate kept the little ones well-fed with their no-nonsense little jars of jams and a fragrant pumpkin soup that even the grown-ups were having seconds!

Guests got to experience and bring home, a Lemo each with a bag of wonderful things their little ones can engage in while on their lemo chair.


It was such a pleasure to work with Cybex Singapore on this media launch and showcase.