About Us

Our Mission for Mothers.

We are mothers, and our mission is to build a community and support system for all mothers.

Mothersclub is a community that gathers all the super-mums together to share their thoughts, experiences toward maternal acumen and learn about an amazing journey that is full of unexpected surprises called, motherhood.

We believe in building confidence with parenting and creating a support system of mothers, for mothers, by mothers. We provide and share knowledge from experts, professionals and fellow mums such as you and I through our weekly editorials, monthly events and workshops.

We inspire our readers to get the most out of the good times with their little ones, and help with some of the challenging moments. An uplifting community full of expert tricks-of-the-trade and inspiring stories were exactly what everyone needs and what we felt, was lacking. Motherhood is a journey and MOTHERSCLUB is your guide.

Why Join Us?

As a Mothersclub Member, you will be entitled to enjoy perks and discounts from our partners and establishments. Besides the perks and discounts, our members will also be a part of the MOTHERSCLUB COMMUNITY. Get invited to our events, workshops, carnivals and more!

Our Founder

Mothersclub Singapore was founded and established in April of 2019 by an inspired mother, Calista. She is a mother of two boys and started her motherhood journey in 2013. Her passion for charity work and helping others grew stronger since motherhood as she experiences the difficulties a mother faces before, during and after birth. After re-joining the workforce in 2015, 2 years after being a stay-at-home mum, she continued working in the baby industry till early 2019. Her experience as a mother and in the industry has helped greatly in understanding both mothers and products. 

Calista Volkov

Chief-Of-Everything Mummy, Founder