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Barre 2 Barre is Asia’s only fitness studio certified in the BarreAmped method.
It was launched in Hong Kong by Co-founders Karen Lim and Mylène Mackay in 2012 and was opened in 2016 with a partner (Jessica Felicia).
Both studios run weekly group classes using the BarreAmped method – including BarreAmped Mixed Levels, BarreAmped Bootcamp, BarreAmped Fire, BarreAmped Power Stretch, and BarreAmped Bounce. The studios also offer BarreAmped teacher training, apprenticeship programs, and retreats regularly.
Created by international fitness celebrity and former Lotte Berk Method instructor Suzanne Bowen, BarreAmped is the result of more than 15 years of physiological study and client observations by one of America’s top fitness talents. The precise form is essential to achieving optimal results in BarreAmped; thus, BarreAmped instructors are highly trained to correct and refine clients during each workout. Setting BarreAmped apart from other barre methods is its focus on work with a neutral spine.

Barre 2 Barre is a BarreAmped partner studio.
Why we choose to partner with:
-It is Rooted in the classic Lotte Berk barre technique via BarreAmped creator, Suzanne Bowen. Not all barre is equal and having a strong connection to the origins of barre is important to us.
-It is Raised to the next level with a focus on form and neutral spine alignment, giving you a challenging, safe and effective workout.
-It is supported by a team of experts in the fields of anatomy, biomechanics, and physical therapy, BarreAmped® continues to evolve and remain a forerunner in the fitness and movement world.

What we offer
Daily group classes & private instruction. #barre2barre

Barre events and local partnerships. #b2bpicks

Barre teacher training, mentoring and retreats. #barre2barreacademy

-It is accessible to anyone with a passion to learn and teach mind-body fitness.
teach mind-body fitness.

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