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EllieFun Box provides busy parents with ready-to-use materials that you can use to play and learn with your child! We believe that parents are your child’s first and best teachers. At EllieFun, we do the job of taking out the guesswork and prep-work, so that you can focus on playing, learning and connecting with your child.

Inspired by the Montessori curriculum and incorporating eclectic approaches, each EllieFun Box will include curated activities revolving around a theme. Theme-based learning draws on the child’s natural curiosity and information presented in context helps the child retain the learning better. And because it is Montessori, the focus is on understanding concepts and mastery of skills through movement, manipulation of materials and self-discovery – all aligned with how a young child learns with much joy and excitement!

Rest assured that when you subscribe to EllieFun Boxes, the learning is organized and systematic, each box building upon what is taught in previous boxes. The content is multi-faceted too, covering Phonics, Mandarin, Math, Science, and Art and Craft. The goal is to empower parents to play a significant role in your child’s education journey and your confident child will be Primary School-ready with your support and guidance!

EllieFun Box is started by 2 ex-teachers who decided to stay home when our kids came along. It started as a passion project when we were doing learning activities with our children and realised that most parents either were overwhelmed with the vast information online, or lacked the time to prepare lessons and materials. We thought we can fill this gap by cutting through the clutter to give you just what you need to teach 5 concepts or skills every month.

We love to build community and connect with like-minded parents. Happy for you to join us in our free Facebook Group!

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