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Our flagship lactation cookies, with an extra rich 5-in-1 galactagogue blend, are inspired by both Nordic and Asian ingredients. Born out of the Scandinavian concept of ‘de fyra sädesslagen’ or ‘the four significant grains’, extensive research has been done to perfect the cookie recipe in an effort to boost breast milk supply, while providing a tasty, not-too-sweet treat for nursing mothers (non-nursing fathers too!).

Our other products include our instantly popular Premium Lactation Granola and Premium Lactation Muesli, as well as our sample boxes that mothers love. With carefully chosen ingredients and tried and tested recipes, our bakes are chock-full of galactagogues and goodness, in an effort to boost milk supply for nursing mothers in their breastfeeding journey.

If you are curious about who Extra Nordic is, we are a local company started by a Norwegian Pappa and a Singaporean Mamma, sharing aspects of the Nordic way of life, with an aim to improve general wellness and standard of living. We also carry other products that align with the Extra Nordic vision, such as Clean Tea (handcrafted organic tea from Australia).

All of Extra Nordic’s treats are made with a lot of passion and love. In Norwegian, they call it ‘deilig’, and it is everything that makes your soul smile, and Extra Nordic hope you can taste deilig in every bite.

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