The party is ON

It’s time for us to reveal ourselves and start the party for mums! We are so excited to witness the launch of Mothersclub together with our Founders, Calista Volkov  &  Fuwei Pang.

For the past 3 months, our team has put in a lot of effort to get Mothersclub Singapore up and ready for you mummies so you can experience what this wonderful community is all about. Support, positivity and healthy parenting is our mission and we want every mum to feel confident in the way she mothers.

Mark your calendars, Singapore’s first mums-only club is here! 

Countdown for Our Party !








Event Agenda


It’s registration time! Mummies will need to be registered at the main entrance as this event is strictly by invite-only. Our ushers will guide you inside to your seats.


Welcome Speech by our Host – Sara Ann

Sara will introduce what Mothersclub Singapore is about and introduce our Founders Mrs. Calista Volkov and Mr. Fu Wei Pang.

– Group photos will be taken after the speech.


Activities for our game stations will be introduced by our host and the games will start. Kids will have to collect stamps in the PASSPORT. These stamps are collected from participation at the activity booths. Completed passports will be entitled to participate in the lucky draw.

Dads and Mums can relax a little with some drinks in the lounge while kids are having fun!


Instagram Giveaway ends and the winner will be announced after our founders have drawn a winner.


Our host will announce a final reminder on the lucky draw and PASSPORTS will be collected for lucky draw.


3 Winners will be drawn by our founders and will be announced.


Event End.

Our Passport

Our Games


A Mother's Journey

Let’s explore how Mothersclub grows while mummy grows with us. Mother will experience the life they have with our Mothersclub baby box. Why do you think the baby box brings benefit to you and your baby? We will explain it throughout the journey.

Animal Hats Craft Making

This one is one of the cutest activities we’ve been up to, we’ve made this craft so easy and fun for the young ones to make! By offering a variety of sticker and materials, we allow kids the freedom to create and at the same time foster creativity in them.

Slime Making

Slime provides a total sensory experience. Sensory experiences can also have a deeply calming effect. Imagine the soothing feeling of sinking into a scented bubble bath or standing in a warm shower. When kids play with slime, they are giving themselves these same feelings! Let the kids make their very own non-toxic slime with the guided help of our host. Each kid will be allowed to take home their own slime.

My Best Friend by Snapkis

The character from Snapkis will have their own buddies! It’s time to guess who will be their best friend!

Family Shooting Station

Shouldn’t we have more time with our kids and family? Let’s take a photo together with our Snapkis Character!

Food Guessing Station

The different character has their own favorite foods! Can you match what do they like with the given pictures and words?

There's More

Are you ready for exploring our game station?! It will be the best launch event you ever had!


Qiren Organisation

Party is HERE!

2 Venture Dr,


Singapore 608526

Time: 12:45p.m. – 5:00p.m.