About Us

Little Bearnie aims to bring and create unique and special handmade & lifestyle products for ultimate experiences.
The best feeling of Happiness is when you feel happy because you made someone happy..

In Little Bearnie, we always believe that Happiness can be created by Sharing Love and we want to share our love and passion in creating unique handmade products for you. We aim to bring a smile on you and your love ones by providing unique products experiences.

Happiness is… gifts for every happy moment.

We aim to constantly create and provide different designs and products to stand out in the sea of mass market designs to cater to customers to all ages. All our products are Self-designed and Handmade in Singapore with curated and high-quality materials.

And… We also provide customization services as we love to have unique products that bring out our own style as much as you do!

A special gift for a special you.

With Love,

Little Bearnie

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