There are so many baby products in the market but are all of them useful or needed? The mothers on our team shared with us, 5 products they find unnecessary.

Save your money! These things are over-rated and an absolute waste of money. Some of the products are not even good for babies and may even be dangerous.Yong JingEn (Mummy of 3)

1. Knee Pads

Crawling isn’t exactly a contact sport. Still, first-time parents will be tempted to deck their babies out like they are about to go rollerblading in the park. Some genius came up with the idea of slip-proof knee pads for babies, which is totally not necessary because knees are not slippery. A quick search on google for knee pads also show us that most of the examples that show up are not going to do much protecting anyway.

Babies do not need knee pads to protect their knees. Also, these filmsy knee socks will not give much protection.”– Freya Chin (Mummy of 2)

2. Changing Table

Is there a spare dresser in your house? Or even a bed? If the answer is yes, then you already have a changing table. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on a piece of furniture that only serves one purpose and will be obsolete in no time flat. Just get a changing pad and use your existing furniture to change the baby. Not to mention, a huge bulky piece of furniture in the last thing you want in your tiny Singapore flat. A changing table can also be dangerous for babies as they may fall when turning over or while trying to sit up. As parents, we know that things can happen in a single split second.

” It is bulky, not practical for most Singapore homes. Also, baby outgrows a changing table very very quickly.”Jess Kee (Mummy of 2)

Most infants can’t sit up on their own until they’re a few months old. That is fine. They’ve got their whole lives to sit up. Why rush into it? Floor seats prop up babies who can’t actually sit yet, as if they needed that. There’s even a safety belt so your kid can’t escape. Like other gadgets that confine babies, including walkers, exercise saucers and bouncy seats, the Bumbo Baby Seat is not popular among physical therapists.

The position actually teaches babies incorrect postural alignment, with a rounded back and the head leaning forward”–Mary Weck (Clinical coordinator of physical therapy at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago)

3. Fancy Bedding Sets

There’s a whole industry based on the human need to make nurseries as cute as possible. You know what’s really cute, though? Your baby. You can spend thousands on a chic, perfectly matched bedding set. Or you could spend a few bucks at the thrift store. Either way, your baby won’t know the difference. We’re not saying you shouldn’t pay out the wazoo for your infant’s sheets. We’re just saying that you shouldn’t think it will make a difference to your baby—that stuff is for you, adults. On a more serious note, frills and loose beddings have caused infant suffocation which leads to DEATH so we highly recommend parents against anything else but a simple fitted sheet.

Bedding sets are not necessary and dangerous for infants.”Kuey Yee (Mother of 3)

4. Wipe Warmer

Did anyone say something about adult depression being caused by contact with freezing cold baby wipes during infancy? No, nobody ever say that, because the idea is absurd. Unless you store your baby wipes in the refrigerator, there’s no good reason to heat them up before using them for their disgusting and necessary purpose, poop duty. Singapore is warm everyday, you would think that we need a wipe cooler much more than a warmer. Just saying’.

Why is this even a thing? Singapore is already so warm, we need a wipe cooler if anything.”Calista (Mummy of 2)

5. Baby Blender

With dedicated puree machines, you can get your young one started on colorful purees. Baby food makers are basically just blenders with a little fancy packaging. If there’s a blender in your kitchen, you do not need to buy another one unless you blend raw food in yours. Even so, just go to the nearest Harvey Norman, Courts or Best Denki to buy a glass blender which will be so much better than a plastic baby blender and at half the price! A baby food cookbook is probably more worth your while, and will definitely cost a lot less.

“A baby blender is just a fancy name for a normal kitchen blender. Get the normal kitchen blender.”Calista (Mother of 2)

So since you will be saving quite a bit of money NOT buying these 6 items, why not make an appointment with a Qiren (Qiren Organization) representative to discuss and assess your financial standing. There are many things parents can do to ensure their little one’s well-being and one of those things, is to have adequate financial coverage in life. Be it a Hospitalization plan, Education Fund or a simple Savings Policy, Qiren is here to provide a helping hand in giving you and your love ones, a peace of mind.

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From a mother to mother.