What To Do When Your Maid Runs Away

Many families in Singapore engage the help of a FDW (foreign domestic worker) to help with household chores, caring for young ones or elderly and pets. If you managed to find a good FDW, it can really be a great help but what can you do when your help runs away and leaves you unexpectedly?

1. Call The Police

Call 999 and make a report over the phone first to log in the time that you realized she is gone.

2. If Your Have CCTV Installed, Check It!

If you have installed CCTV in your home, check it for the exact timestamp of your maid leaving the house. Also, check what she was doing before leaving. If you do not have a CCTV installed, quickly check if there are any missing items or valuables.

3. Call The Agency

Call the agency from which you got the maid from and check with them to see if the maid has made any contact with them. If not, let them know to inform you immediately if the maid does.

4. Go To The Police Station

If you want to terminate her work permit, you can do it online with a police report. Head down to the police station to get the statement and then login to the MOM E-services < Click here > and cancel your runaway maid’s work permit.

Reason behind cancellation of work permit: if your helper has run away and you have no means of finding her, you need to make sure you lodge a police report and by canceling her work permit, it makes her an overstayer, which means if she is caught, she will be deported immediately and won’t have the opportunity to cause more issues for you.

5. Get Professionals In

If your runaway maid has been giving you issues, chances are she has not been cleaning your home properly. Since you are now without help, the first thing you need to do is to get your home deep cleaned and sanitized so that daily maintenance is easier. Lucky for us, local operator, Sureclean, offers this service! Does this company’s brand sound familiar? They clean and sanitize almost all of the preschools and indoor playgrounds in Singapore! They even have their own line of cleaning and sanitization products that are used in preschools, indoor playgrounds, and many residential homes!

Sureclean SG

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To top it all off, they have formulated the unique titan365 coating spray that sanitizes your premises for 365 days that many establishments use to minimize the spread of viruses. Impressive? Check out what mums who have engaged them have to say:

To book an appointment, please click here or head over to their website ( http://housecleaning.sureclean.com.sg/ ) to find out more.

6. Find Temporary Arrangements

Now that you have settled with the reporting and canceling of work permit, you will need to find temporary help with the housework. The dishes ain’t going to wash themselves!

Looking for a new maid takes time (trust us, you don’t want to rush into hiring just anyone) and while you are looking, you can get a part-time maid/cleaner. Check out this service from a local company, listed below!

Dustaway Cleaning Services SG

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You can make a booking here or call them if you have any further queries.

7. Keep Calm, Power On

The most important thing is to ensure that you keep calm, stay cool and don’t rush into hiring just any maid. Fingers crossed that we’ll all have better luck next time!

Credit: Calista Volkov, Mum of 2